The Book of Romans

The Book of Romans


Category: New Testament Books

Paul's letter to the Romans is widely acknowledged to be the single most important theological essay ever written. Romans is literally loaded with essential Christian doctrine, and no Bible education is complete without a thorough examination of this book. Martin Luther commended every Christian to memorize Romans word-for-word, and though we may never reach this goal, we can certainly give ourselves to understanding its wisdom.

The Book of Romans reads like a course in systematic Christian theology, and it holds the keys to understanding a long list of fundamental Christian doctrines and beliefs, including soteriology (the doctrine of salvation), harmartiology (the doctrine of sin), Israelology (the doctrine of Israel), election, predestination, sanctification, and many other important truths.

The study was taught at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, Texas in 2009.

Please note the first class meeting of Romans (Lesson 1A) experienced technical difficulties leading to a poor quality recording, but all remaining lessons are unaffected.





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