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    • Registration Now Open!

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  • Apr

    First Corinthians

    Oak Hill Bible Church, Austin, Texas
    Date and Time:
    Apr 27, 2014 - Jun 01, 2014

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  • May

    Creation Seminar

    San Ramon, Costa Rica
    Date and Time:
    May 01, 2014 - May 03, 2014

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  • May

    Signs of the Times Seminar

    Castle Hills First Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas
    Date and Time:
    May 07, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014

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  • Jul

    Norwegian Annual Conference

    Hamar, Norway
    Date and Time:
    Jul 05, 2014 - Jul 08, 2014

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Stephen Armstrong

Author: Stephen Armstrong

The Accidental Witness

Every Christian is called to be witness for Christ, but if we reserve our witnessing for the “official” moments, then we’re missing the best opportunities to spread the Gospel.

Melissa Church

Author: Melissa Church

Do You? A Good Friday Reminder

Love and wrath. You can’t understand the one while being blind to the other. You can’t fully know how much God loves you except from under the weight of a well-deserved but stayed execution.

Brady Stephenson

Author: Brady Stephenson

Begin With Integrity

Jerry sat staring at his laptop screen in unbelief.

“Fourteen hundred dollars?!? Where am I going to get fourteen hundred dollars?  This stupid software was supposed to make sure you got a big fat refund on your taxes not a giant bill!”

Brian Smith

Author: Brian Smith

Was Mary a virgin, and did she have children other than Jesus?

The Catholic church teaches that Mary was ever virgin, and that she had no other children after Jesus.  While not a major doctrine that affects salvation, this teaching can lead some into idolatry.

Ivette Irizarry

Author: Ivette Irizarry

Hallmark Theology

I know this never happens to you, but as for me, things don’t always go my way. What does God do when Plan A doesn’t work?

Guest Contributor

Author: Guest Contributor

No Greater Love

By Helen Norvell
Let us not forget what Easter is all about.  It is love, Agape love, for you and me.

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