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Stephen Armstrong

Author: Stephen Armstrong

How to Celebrate Halloween? A Christian Dilemma

So should a Christian celebrate or observe Halloween? Clearly, Christians should consider carefully (and prayerfully) whether participating in Halloween is appropriate. Here are some thoughts to consider…

Melissa Church

Author: Melissa Church

My Heart’s Version of Christmas

Pursuing an honest and joyful Christmas has made me unapologetically eliminate the things that would master me to no good end, and freed me to do what I truly want to do, motivated only by the purest joy available to me while still trapped in this flesh. The result is my heart’s version of Christmas pared down to the essential core.

Brady Stephenson

Author: Brady Stephenson

Is the Tribulation Near?

A World Net Daily article shouts the question, “WILL TRIBULATION BEGIN A YEAR FROM NOW?”

Pastor Mark Biltz authored the article and I view him with great respect for his discovery of the “blood moons” phenomena back in 2008 well before anyone else was speaking about it.  In this recent tribulation article, Pastor Biltz makes note of several factors suggesting that the end IS near and the tribulation is about to begin…

Brian Smith

Author: Brian Smith

Papal Fallibility

Is the pope infallible?  This is a dogma of the Catholic church, yet recent statements by the current pope suggest otherwise.

Ivette Irizarry

Author: Ivette Irizarry

Come, Ye Thankful People

On this Thanksgiving Day many families gather with loved ones, blood-related or not, around an embarrassingly bountiful table. And before digging into those first bites of the feast, thanks...

Guest Contributor

Author: Guest Contributor

Thank You, Jesus, for Choosing Me

By Jerry Dyke

I have been studying through the book of Matthew recently, and this past week finished chapter nine which ends with these verses, “Seeing the people, He felt compassion...

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