Who baptized John the Baptist?

Personal Questions | VBVM Staff | Feb-25-2013

Q. Since John the Baptist performed all the baptisms in the Gospels, who baptized him?

A. We have no evidence from scripture that John the Baptist was ever baptized. Christ commanded water baptism as an ordinance for the Church as the means of believers testifying to their personal repentance and acceptance of the Gospel. Prior to Christ's command, however, water baptism was not a requirement of Jewish life. Men were not routinely water baptized. Instead, Jews received ritual washings only under certain circumstances as prescribed in the Law of Moses.

John the Baptist lived and died prior to Christ's sacrifice on the cross, so he was not part of the Church. He was considered the final Old Testament prophet prior to the appearance of Christ. He delivered a call to repentance and invited Jews wishing to demonstrate a repentant heart to receive water baptism in keeping with the tradition of Jewish washings.

Therefore, John the Baptist likely was never baptized himself, at least not in the sense of how it is now practiced in the New Testament church, nor was baptism a required for him since he was not a participant in the Church.


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