Now Available!

End Times Group Study


Our NEW 12-week small group study on End Times is now available!

Announcing the first in a new Bible study series from Verse By Verse Ministry International. The VBVMI Group Study series will explore Bible topics commonly overlooked in small group studies, beginning with our first study on End Times. This group study examines thought-provoking teaching of core biblical concepts in prophecy.

The study features a 152-page workbook and 12 videos designed to prepare both individual students and small groups for a deeper understanding of eschatology. The study covers key ideas and highlights from the book of Revelation, Daniel and other scripture. Students will gain a foundational appreciation of God's plan for Israel, the Church and the events that culminate the end of the age.

The VBVMI Group Study series is designed to suit the needs of students new to a study of end times while still offering a challenge to experienced Bible students. Each lesson in this study includes a video available to stream for free over the internet. The videos feature the teaching of Stephen Armstrong, acclaimed for his unique and gifted approach to explaining the Bible.

All 12 videos are available for viewing on this page or can be download for free from Vimeo. A printable PDF version of the workbook may also be downloaded for free. 



Interested in purchasing printed workbooks for yourself or a class? Full-color printed workbooks may be purchased for just $20 per book from Amazon: 


Large orders (100+ books) may be purchased at a volume discount by contacting the ministry directly.

Video Lessons

  • Lesson 1 – "The Structure of Revelation"

  • Lesson 2 – "The Church Age and the Seven Letters"

  • Lesson 3 – "The Great Apostasy"

  • Lesson 4 - "Understanding God's Timeline"

  • Lesson 5 – "The Age of the Gentiles"

  • Lesson 6 – "The Seventy Sevens"

  • Lesson 7 – "The Signs of the Times"

  • Lesson 8 - "The End of the Age"

  • Lesson 9 - "The Resurrection of the Bride"

  • Lesson 10 - "The Departure of Christ"

  • Lesson 11 - "The Return of Christ"

  • Lesson 12 - "The Saving of Israel"