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Joy in the midst of suffering is the paradoxical experience of every Christian. Our sinful world induces suffering at every turn, it seems, yet Christians remain resolute in their hope for good things to come. This is the central message of Paul's letter to Philippi. 

Join Pastor Armstrong and Verse By Verse Fellowship for a verse-by-verse study through one of the most encouraging and eye-opening letters in the New Testament. Pastor Armstrong's exposition of the book of Philippians will examine the history and circumstances of Paul's day to help explain how Paul could approach the end of his life with so much contentment and peace...a perspective every Christian desire now more than ever. 

This study meets weekly as part of weekend services at Verse By Verse Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas. New lessons are typically posted by Tuesday each week (subject to change).

PLEASE NOTE: Pastor Armstrong will not be teaching on January 24th. The Philippians teaching is scheduled to resume on January 31st.

To learn how to attend this study in-person or watch via livestream, please visit the Philippians Event page.