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Verse By Verse Ministry International is blessed to have the talents and gifts of our hard-working staff and volunteers. Each plays an important role in conducting the work of this ministry, including in developing and distributing our teaching. All share a common love for the Lord and for God's word. Our key staff members are highlighted below, while many others serve with their time and talents anonymously. 

Ministry leadership is provided by our Board of Directors.


Ministry Staff

Operations Director

Kathryn Bashaw serves Verse By Verse Ministry International as Operations Director, She joined the ministry as Communications Director in January 2013 brining more than 10 years of experience in integrated communications, social & traditional media relations, political campaigns, event planning and grassroots communications. 

She was promoted to Operations Director in 2016 to oversee the execution of all ministry activities, including coordinating events, developing ministry strategy, directing ministry communications and promotion, and assisting the VBVMI Board of Directors in many other operations. 

Prior to joining the VBVMI, Kathryn was the director of communications for the American Heart Association in Fort Worth, Texas. Before that, she served as managing supervisor in Fleishman-Hillard's (FH) Dallas office where she spent most of her time in the Energy and Food & Agribusiness practices. Kathryn developed and implemented national community and media relations programs.

Before joining FH, Kathryn structured and ran a political 527 issue-advocacy organization where she developed a media plan and campaign strategy to communicate relevant issues to voters through multiple media venues. 

While in the political arena, Kathryn worked as a director for the Bush/Cheney 2004 re-election coordinated campaign and worked in Governor Mike Huckabee’s communications office.

Kathryn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, Josh, and their six children. 

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Executive Assistant to the President

Sofi Smith was born in Tyler, Texas, but has been in San Antonio since the age of four.  She is a wife and mother that became a believer in her 20s.  Growing up, Sofi lived with her parents and siblings in a home where the name of Jesus was not proclaimed or even understood.  With working parents and no guidance, her life was influenced by negitavity and drugs at an early age. 

At the age of sixteen, Sofi became pregnant with her first child, Gracie, and gave birth to her in April of 2003.  As a single mom, defeated, broken and alone Sofi turned to all of the wrong things to find what was missing.   After hitting rock bottom, her sister shared the gospel and the scriptures with her, and she accepted Chirst as her Savior 9 years ago.  Seeking truth, Sofi started studying the word diligently, attending church and was soon baptized, committing to seek Jesus Christ with her whole heart. 

After many years as a single mom, Sofi married her close childhood friend, Jonathan Smith in 2012 and they now have three precious children.  Jonathan legally adoped Gracie and loves her as his own.  They began marriage counseling with Pastor Stephen and Annette Armstrong almost four years ago.  Christ has cultivated and nurtured their relationship through these years of mentorship.  Sofi began studying the scriptures with Pastor Stephen and was deeply interested in learning all she could. 

Prior to her position as the Executive Assistant at Verse by Verse Ministry International, Sofi worked for Steve and Annette Armstrong in several capacities.  She has dedicated her life to the scriptures, ministry at home, and bringing the Good News to the lost, anywhere she can find them.

Contact Sofi.

Director of Asia

Tony Lee leads VBVMI efforts to teach in Asia. Tony is headquartered in Singapore and travels throughout the region including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and elsewhere to establish new ministry connections. 

Tony is a corporate trainer and lives in Singapore with his wife, Amy. Together they have two daughters. 

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Director of Europe

Ottar leads VBVMI efforts to reach Europe with the truth of God's word. He first learned of VBVMI while listening to podcasts on iTunes, and later traveled to Texas to visit with Pastor Armstrong personally. He was impressed with the people and culture of the ministry and has been a supporter ever since. In 2015 he took the next step of joining the ministry staff to advance the cause of verse-by-verse Bible teaching in churches in his home country of Norway and beyond.  Ottar lives near Oslo, Norway, with his wife, Isabelle, and his four children.

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Director of Central America

Pastor Acuña is pastor of Olivo Verde Church in San Ramón, Costa Rica. He is responsible for VBVMI Spanish-language teaching and events in Central America. Based in Costa Rica, Pastor Acuña is a trained psychologist and counselor who has worked with Focus on the Family and other Latin American and English-speaking ministries.

Pastor Acuña delivers VBVMI Bible teaching and organizes VBVMI training events for students, pastors and church leaders in Central America. Pastor Acuña is a man who loves the Lord and loves to teach God's word, and he can be reached through the contact page on this site.  

Contact Pastor Fede


Director of App Development

Tom leads the software development at VBVMI and oversees innovation and technical support. Tom first took over development of the iOS app early in 2016 and has been working on various projects for us including the AppleTV app and in 2017 the Android app. Tom is a Software Engineer and lives in New Zealand with his wife, Erica, and their three children.

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Media Technician

David Irizarry lives in San Antonio, Texas and serves as Media Technician for Verse By Verse Ministry International overseeing the production, publication, and distribution of the ministry’s audio content including all of Pastor Armstrong's recorded teachings.

David has followed Pastor Armstrong's teaching since he was 10 years old and is a firm advocate for the importance of sound expository Bible teaching. David also serves in the VBVMI worship team for the annual conference and is a worship leader at his church. David is also as an independent recording artist.

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