Accessing Our Teaching

Verse By Verse Ministry International (VBVMI) offers unlimited access to our Bible teaching materials for free and without the need to register or enroll. All of our audio lessons, PDF teaching notes, videos, handouts and overhead presentations are available to hear, view and download using your computer or smartphone browser or through our smartphone apps.

Many Tools - Same Great Teaching

You can listen to our teaching with your browser or through our podcasts. Watch videos in our Videos section. For smartphone users, we recommend downloading one of the free smartphone apps. We have apps for both iPhone and Android phones, and our phone apps also work great on iPads and other tablets! 

Using Our Website to Access Materials

Our library of Bible study materials is designed for the serious Bible student who wants to truly study the word through in-depth lectures and detailed commentary notes. All our teaching proceeds verse-by-verse through books of the Bible in a dynamic and compelling fashion before a live classroom audience.

The audio files can be downloaded onto your computer as an MP3 files for offline listening or streamed on demand. Be sure to download the accompanying PDF teaching notes, presentation slides, and handouts.  

Please refer to the example below for more details on how to access these materials.

Note: In some browsers, it may be necessary to RIGHT-CLICK on the “Download MP3” link then choose "SAVE AS..." or "DOWNLOAD AS..." to save the MP3 file to your computer.





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