Our New iPhone App & How We Got It

Date: 07-25-2016

We are excited to announce our new iPhone app. Along with a completely new look, the app offers exciting changes including faster launch time, simple navigation, iPad support and automatically placemarks where you are in a study. 

While we are thrilled to launch our new app, perhaps the most exciting part we want to share with you is how we got it. Verse By Verse Ministry International encourages people to get involved in our ministry by using the talents and passion God has given them. 

Tom Carey is an iOS developer from New Zealand. He began listening to Verse By Verse Ministry International's Revelation study about two years ago and eventually moved into other Bible studies we offer, including the book of Genesis.

"With just these two studies you can plot every other book in the bible as coming from the fall of man toward the glorification of Christ. I know that Revelation and Genesis combined is about 140 sermons or so, but still, it’s well worth it," Tom said.

Tom frequently listened to Bible studies during his commute to and from work. After using VBVMI's original app, Tom quickly saw ways he could improve it and took it upon himself to create his own version.

"A few of my friends suggested that I should just make a new app and send it to Steve and I thought ‘Yeah, why not?’ after all, I don’t get many opportunities to use what I do for a living to directly benefit other believers. This was coupled by what the Lord has been preparing in me through the studies on VBVMI; that ultimately everything is in God’s control. So I shouldn’t build the app concerned about whether or not VBVMI would like it or even allow it. I should just build it because I should be obedient to what The Lord has put on my heart to do. Steve eventually got in touch and encouraged me to continue and here we are today, with an all new version," Tom said.

We are thankful for Tom and his obedience to God's direction. His efforts are helping VBVMI teach God's word more efficiently to a greater number of people worldwide.  

Download the free VBVMI iPhone app to all your favorite devices and begin enjoying today!  Our app is now Open Source. Check out our code here.


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