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Date: 04-10-2016

Dear Friends,

Nearly thirteen years ago, I accidentally founded Verse By Verse Ministry International

In 2003, I was teaching verse-by-verse Bible studies when a member of my class asked for a copy of my teaching. I wasn’t yet in the habit of making notes, so I offered to record my teaching on a CD. I bought a cheap microphone and was soon distributing handfuls of CDs to members of the class. 

I continued to make CDs for a year or so until the volume of requests became too great for me to handle comfortably. In 2004, I decided to build a small website where I could host my recordings online for students to download. At that point, my online audience consisted only of those students who also attended my class. 

After two years, I began to notice people around the world visiting my website and downloading content in increasing volumes. Though mystified by this trend, I responded by building a newer, better website to handle the traffic, which led the online audience to grow even more. Soon, listeners began asking how to support the “ministry” financially. When checks began to show up in the mail, I finally recognized that my little classroom website had become something much bigger. Verse By Verse Ministry International was born.

God has an amazing way of magnifying our meager, unplanned efforts into something well beyond our imagination. I never planned to run an international Bible teaching ministry, and I certainly had no qualifications to pursue such an ambitious goal. I was merely a husband and father who had only recently come to faith in Jesus Christ himself. During those early years, I was preoccupied with living a middle class lifestyle attending church on Sundays while working to support my family. I certainly gave no thought to the prospect of full-time ministry. The Lord had a different plan.

After a few years, I found myself pastoring a small church, running a growing nonprofit ministry, teaching several Bible studies weekly and traveling monthly to distant countries – all while still working full time to support my family. Juggling these demands for the past decade has been difficult, but the experience has taught me valuable lessons of diligence, sacrifice, persistence and self-discipline. The Lord has grown my faith and my understanding of His word while revealing the true cost of discipleship.

These years have been my seminary, my missionary training and my wilderness wandering, and while I am grateful for what I’ve learned, it’s time to take the next step in following the Lord. I’m pleased to announce I’ve stepped away from corporate employment to work full time for VBVMI. I’m overjoyed for the opportunity to devote all my time and energy to the work of this ministry and to serving as pastor of my church (to say nothing of serving my family).

Thank you all for your devotion to His holy word and the prayers and support you've offered along the way. I anticipate the Lord will take this step of faith and magnify it to His glory, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. I hope you will continue on this journey with me, because He can do so much with even a small step of faith. 

With eternal thanks, your fellow servant in Christ,



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