The Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth


Category: Old Testament Books

The Book of Ruth is classically described as a love story or a story of redemption. Though these descriptions are not wrong, they are incomplete.

The story of Ruth is properly understood as a book of eschatology – a prophetic picture of God's plan for Israel and the Church. The literal events of the story foreshadow and explain God's redemption of a disobedient Israel and the opportunity for the Gentile world to share in Israel's promises.

This course is taught in a unique form, using two teachers in a "tag-team" approach through the material. The first half of each of the five lessons is taught by Tonya Penfield, who examines the events and people in the story of Ruth itself.

The second half of each lesson is taught by Stephen Armstrong, who reveals the prophetic meaning in the text. (Note: On the fifth night of the study, there was only one presentation.)





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