Currently, I am in Afghanistan serving in the US Army as a medic. I deployed in May, and shortly thereafter was introduced to VBVM. I started with the teaching on Revelations, and immediately my perspective on the Bible and God’s plan was changed. Since then, I have completed Romans, James, Genesis, and am currently halfway through Luke. Every day I get excited to study the Word and discover what God has to say. I cannot thank you enough for showing me the truth. I am excited to get back to the States and put my faith into action! God Bless!

I have been a Christian for 32 years and have never felt as blessed by God’s word as I do now. Thank you…please continue your work!


I have a long daily commute on a ferry and I have been using that time to listen to your studies…the depth of your teaching and insight is extraordinary.


After downloading the first part of the revelation study your teaching had me hook, line and sinker. Being raised in church I have attend and listened to many pastors or teachers explain revelation leaving me more confused than before I started. Your ministry’s breaking down verse-by-verse makes understanding and applying the bible to my life fruitful. Good reason you’re called Verse By Verse Ministry! Thank you, keep up the good work.


Thank you for your teaching. It has been an answer from God for my heart’s cry. Slowly but surely your teaching is bringing a big change which I am so grateful to God for.


Anyone who can make the book of Genesis interesting is outstanding. I don’t miss a night listening to Stephen. You folks are outstanding.


We appreciate how Steve teaches scripture by using other scripture. We also appreciate your Biblical beliefs and the goal of the ministry. In these days, finding a ministry like this is exciting and refreshing.


I have studied Revelation with many teachers over the years – Ironside, McGee, Pentecost, and MacArthur – but Stephen Armstrong offers the best interpretation and explanation of the book of Revelation as is possible to find anywhere today.


Your Revelation 2011 had so much content and I learned so much. I can’t express how much I appreciate your work. You can’t imagine how much it has changed my life. Christ is so much more my Treasure than ever.


I just found your site and I’m really loving it. I absolutely adore Melissa Church. She speaks my kind of language and I can truly relate.


Your ministry is very important to us and plays a large part in our spiritual growth…we just finished Revelation and are now going through Genesis again.


I am a new believer with a lot of questions and your website has been truly a blessing as I strive to make the word my own and increase my knowledge and understanding.


Your style of teaching the word of God has made the Bible very interesting. You not only teach the word, you also show how God’s word can be applied to everyday living.


I have been a Christian all my life, but I never knew how to study the bible or even where to start. But with your great teaching, it makes me feel like I can be a better Christian and love the bible and my God.


Thank you so much for what you do. You are my favorite source of meat and potatoes scripture study.


I am always in awe of your Spirit-led teaching. The lessons fill my head with questions and knowledge that I had never thought about before.


I want to thank you for giving me a better perspective and understanding that has changed my life and made me stronger in my faith and has allowed me to know Jesus Christ as my Savior like I have never known Him before.

J. E.

Your ministry has changed my life and I pray that the Holy Spirit working through me as a vessel may be able to do the same.


I feel every Christian should take this Bible study because their eyes will be opened and the ears will hear the ultimate Good News. God bless your ministry that you may you continue to bless us with your teachings.


I cannot express how grateful I am of your teaching. I have struggled with reading Isaiah for some time. I was amazed of how much I have learned about judgement, redemption, the Suffering Servant and God’s ultimate love for us. Your study has unlocked one of the Bible’s greatest mysteries.


My heart burns as the truth is revealed to me through God’s word. There is nothing else in this world to compare with the Scriptures properly explained. May God continue to anoint you and bless this ministry.


Having listened to your studies, impressed is not the word I want to use, but I am speechless -  I am left with tears of joy as I listen to God’s whole & true Word being spoken. Thank you again, and may God richly bless you in your obedience.


I have found your verse-by-verse teachings on iTunes, and have started listening to The Book of Ruth. The teachings by Tonya and Stephen are…incredible! Thank you so much for this ministry.


I have been in “church” for over sixty years and never realized Genesis was not fanciful tales told around the campfire as I was told. May God bless you for allowing me to access true teaching at last.


Revelation 2011…absolutely the BEST Bible Study I have ever had the privilege to participate in. It has answered several questions I have struggled with for several years. Cannot thank you enough for this ministry. I am anxiously awaiting the posting for the next lesson.



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