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Verse By Verse Ministry International is blessed to have the talents and gifts of our hard-working staff and volunteers. Each plays an important role in conducting the work of this ministry, including in developing and distributing our teaching. All share a common love for the Lord and for God's word. Our key staff members are highlighted below, while many others serve with their time and talents anonymously. 

Ministry leadership is provided by our Board of Directors.


Ministry Staff

Operations Director

Kathryn Bashaw serves Verse By Verse Ministry International as Operations Director, She joined the ministry as Communications Director in January 2013 brining more than 10 years of experience in integrated communications, social & traditional media relations, political campaigns, event planning and grassroots communications. 

She was promoted to Operations Director in 2016 to oversee the execution of all ministry activities, including coordinating events, developing ministry strategy, directing ministry communications and promotion, and assisting the VBVMI Board of Directors in many other operations. 

Prior to joining the VBVMI, Kathryn was the director of communications for the American Heart Association in Fort Worth, Texas. Before that, she served as managing supervisor in Fleishman-Hillard's (FH) Dallas office where she spent most of her time in the Energy and Food & Agribusiness practices. Kathryn developed and implemented national community and media relations programs.

Before joining FH, Kathryn structured and ran a political 527 issue-advocacy organization where she developed a media plan and campaign strategy to communicate relevant issues to voters through multiple media venues. 

While in the political arena, Kathryn worked as a director for the Bush/Cheney 2004 re-election coordinated campaign and worked in Governor Mike Huckabee’s communications office.

Kathryn lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, Josh, and two daughters. Contact Kathryn 


Director of Asia

Tony Lee leads VBVMI efforts to teach in Asia. Tony is headquartered in Singapore and travels throughout the region including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and elsewhere to establish new ministry connections. 

Tony is a corporate trainer and lives in Singapore with his wife, Amy. Together they have two daughters. Contact Tony 


Director of Europe

Ottar leads VBVMI efforts to reach Europe with the truth of God's word. He first learned of VBVMI while listening to podcasts on iTunes, and later traveled to Texas to visit with Pastor Armstrong personally. He was impressed with the people and culture of the ministry and has been a supporter ever since. In 2015 he took the next step of joining the ministry staff to advance the cause of verse-by-verse Bible teaching in churches in his home country of Norway and beyond.  

Ottar lives near Oslo, Norway, with his wife, Isabelle, and his four children. Contact Ottar 


Director of Central America

Pastor Acuña is pastor of Olivo Verde Church in San Ramón, Costa Rica. He is responsible for VBVMI Spanish-language teaching and events in Central America. Based in Costa Rica, Pastor Acuña is a trained psychologist and counselor who has worked with Focus on the Family and other Latin American and English-speaking ministries.

Pastor Acuña delivers VBVMI Bible teaching and organizes VBVMI training events for students, pastors and church leaders in Central America. Pastor Acuña is a man who loves the Lord and loves to teach God's word, and he can be reached through the contact page on this site.  Contact Pastor Fede


Staff Contributors

Melissa Church

Contributing Author

Melissa is a contributing author for Verse By Verse Ministry International. To begin Melissa’s faith story at the beginning would be entirely impossible, but to say that salvation came through adversity would be a good way to sum it up.

When Melissa’s only child, Wil (with one l) was diagnosed with cancer at age three, she “bargained" with God that she would do anything He asked of her if He would save her son. God took her up on that offer, and brought about a series of amazing circumstances which culminated in her salvation a year later.  Her years of service to her Lord have been a wild, tumultuous, wonderful ride, including her most recent work with VBVMI.

Because her walk with God began late in life, Melissa understands the frustrations of learning to use the Bible in a practical way. Her own desire to dig for life-transforming truth led her to Precept Ministries, where she was trained as a Precept Upon Precept group leader. Melissa draws heavily on that training in preparing written material to support VBVMI. Her hope is always to demonstrate that God’s word is relevant and usable and that life-changing truth is available to anyone who seeks it.

Melissa has a B.A. in University Studies with an English/Journalism emphasis from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she met her husband Chris.  She volunteers in the library at her son’s school, operates the mobile library for her church out of her guest-room closet, writes book reviews for the church newsletter…there might be a pattern forming here. She is also an active small group leader and an occasional speaker/teacher. Currently, Melissa and her family call Northwest Arkansas home. Contact Melissa


Contributing Author

Brady Stephenson is a columnist for Verse By Verse Ministry International, bringing a unique perspective on Jewish tradition, teaching and language to his writing on Scripture. Brady is saved by grace through faith and has been blessed beyond measure by his God and Savior.  In 1996, shortly after the miracle of the birth of his daughter, Brady set sail on a "ship of faith" and began the journey of a life in Christ.  He served as deacon and teacher at Harvest Fellowship Community Church (a non-denominational church) in San Antonio and led the church's college-aged Bible study group for a number of years.

The wind of the Spirit propelled and directed Brady's ship of faith for almost a decade before leaving him seemingly adrift and stranded in a sea of decisions regarding family, work, and ministry.  With the faithful support of his bride, Amy, Brady cried out to the Lord in the words of King David from Psalm 51:10-12: "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with thy free spirit."  Together they prayed for direction and strength for days... weeks... months... a year...

At the end of a year, God answered with a mighty breath of His Spirit and directed Brady's ship of faith with renewed vigor into a sea of study of the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.  It was at this time that Brady became aware of the Hebrew name of Jesus: Yeshua, the Hebrew word that means "salvation." Since then, Brady has become an ardent student of the earliest teachings of the Christian faith and daily seeks to walk in the footsteps of His Savior.  Brady founded the Psalm 119:18.org ministry to share what he has learned (and continues to learn) from his voyage.

[Brady's love for God's words has led him to adopt a Jewish tradition in his writing. The Law of Moses prohibited the Jewish people from taking the Lord's name in vain. Devout Jews began a tradition of never writing the full name of God to demonstrate their desire to hold God's name in high honor. In solidarity with Jewish believers, Brady has continued in this Jewish tradition of never allowing God's name to be diminished in any way. Therefore, in his writing Brady avoids spelling out God's name or title. Instead, he has adopted the Jewish practice of removing vowels from any reference to God's name (e.g., "G-d"). Contact Brady


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