Ways to get involved

Verse By Verse Ministry International (VBVMI) is largely a volunteer community of believers in Jesus Christ, who desire to see the word of God learned, taught and lived out by Christians worldwide. If you share our vision, you can be a part of our work for the glory of Christ.

There are many ways you can get involved, stay connected and help us reach a larger audience, while sharing your experiences with our community of volunteers and followers. Explore the links below to learn more.

We thank you in advance for your time, talent and treasure, and we commit to making the most of every resource the Lord sends us for the glory of His Name and Kingdom!

Pray For Our Ministry

No meaningful work of ministry can be accomplished without prayer, so we greatly value your prayer support. Please pray daily for wisdom for our leaders and teachers, for the Lord to bring us many listeners to hear our teaching, and for the provision to sustain our work and expand our reach. 

Host a Teaching Event

Our ministry serves the Lord by teaching His word, and we send teachers around the world to conduct local speaking events in churches, community centers, schools and anywhere we're invited. We teach audiences large and small but always in our trademark verse-by-verse style.

Let us conduct an event in your community! We travel and teach at the invitation of any church, pastor or individual with a ready audience and venue. We never charge a fee, pass a collection plate, charge admission or expect an honorarium for our travel or teaching services. We place no barrier between the word of God and those who wish to learn.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a speaking event. Please understand our speaking resources are limited, so we regret we cannot accept every invitation.

Fund Our Work

Our ministry is funded entirely through donations. We charge nothing for our materials and services, so that we can bless the most people possible with God's word. We are confident that no work of God has failed due to a lack of funding, so we trust the Lord to provide for every work He desires. By operating on a trust in the Lord to provide, we are free to concentrate our focus on teaching, counseling, and helping others in Jesus' Name. 

Each year, more and more people discover Verse By Verse Ministry International and seek our help, so each year we need donations to grow if we’re to meet this demand. We hope you will consider whether the Lord is asking you to support our work financial, either through a one-time contribution or by monthly giving.

Verse By Verse Ministry International is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a charity, so all contribution are tax-deductible. Every dollar we receive is devoted to the work of our ministry and carefully managed to ensure Biblical accountability. Please consider whether the Lord is calling you to support our work. Contributing online takes only a couple of minutes, but will make a huge difference for the Kingdom.

The Impact of Your Donation

We provide our services free of charge to our students, but that doesn't mean our services are without cost. Every service VBVMI provides incurs a cost to our ministry, and we depend on your generosity to cover those costs. Every dollar we receive helps us keep our services free to those who depend upon our teaching. 

For example:

           - $50 operates our website for one day.
           - $250 streams a live teaching event via the internet.
           - $500 pays for VBVMI to conduct a regional teaching event in Texas. 
           - $1,000 pays for a national teaching event anywhere in the United States.
           - $2,500 pays for an international teaching event anywhere in the world.
           - $10,000 sponsors a major portion of the VBVMI Bible Conference

Would you consider helping us cover these costs?  

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