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Verse By Verse Ministry International is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of mature Christian men, each bearing a testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a personal witness consistent with the Biblical requirements for leadership provided in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Furthermore, each member of the Board has demonstrated an anointing to teach and to do the work of an evangelist in the course of his own personal ministry.

The Board serves the ministry by guarding the teaching, setting ministry goals and objectives, and managing ministry resources - all done under the direction of the Lord and the counsel of His Spirit.

All Board members serve in humble submission to the Lord's instructions given in 2Corinthians 2:17 and Luke 17:10.

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Stephen Armstrong, President

Stephen Armstrong is the founder and principal teacher of Verse By Verse Ministry International. He came to know the Lord in his early 30s, while serving as an Air Force officer. After becoming a believer, Stephen experienced God's call to learn and teach the Bible, so in 1997 Stephen left the military, found a job in Colorado, and began a self-directed course of study in preparation to teach the scriptures. 

As he devoted himself to study, Stephen developed a love for an in-depth, verse-by-verse style of teaching God's word, believing it to be the best means to persuade the unbeliever of the truth of the Gospel and equip the saints for the work of ministry (Rom 10:17; Eph 4:14-15). 

In 2001, Stephen received God's call to move to San Antonio, Texas, where he soon found opportunities to teach and preach verse-by-verse in churches throughout the area. Despite having no professional religious training, Stephen was called by God to lead a church planting effort in the city as pastor of Living Word Fellowship.

That same year he also founded Verse By Verse Ministry of San Antonio (later to become Verse By Verse Ministry International) from his desire to offer his unique style of in-depth Bible teaching to a worldwide audience via the internet. VBVMI's worldwide reach is evidence of how the Lord calls unqualified men but doesn't leave them untrained. 

Stephen's responsibilities on the VBVMI Board include overseeing all teaching and doctrine, setting ministry vision and strategy, directing ministry operations, and conducting ministry public appearances. Stephen lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two adult children. Stephen also serves as pastor of Verse By Verse Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas.

Brian Smith, Treasurer

Brian Smith did not have a “Damascus Road” experience like the apostle Paul. Rather, the Lord led him into faith in His Son over time. Brian grew up as a Catholic, attending church weekly throughout his youth. Having been raised in the Catholic church, Brian knew about God and Jesus, but he had no understanding of salvation by faith in Christ alone and was unsaved. 

Catholicism taught Brian a works-based (false) gospel, and even though Brian recognized he was sinful, he could not break free of sin by his own power.  Like all unbelievers, Brian was incapable of pleasing God through his works.
Thankfully, the God Who is rich in mercy brought Brian out of the darkness and into Christ's marvelous light. Brian became a believer in his late 20s, and upon the birth of his second child, he felt a desire to return to church. Though he tried the Catholic church again, the Lord led him to several other Protestant churches as well. 

In the end, God graciously placed Brian's family in a Methodist church, where he first heard God’s word preached and the true Gospel proclaimed. Though he had heard the Bible read aloud before, only now did Brian have "ears to hear," and so he came to believe the Gospel and was born again through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Brian received water baptism in June 2003, and has grown in Christ ever since, as the Lord works in him to serve primarily in outreach ministries. As all Christians, Brian desires to serve and please His Lord from a grateful heart, not out of guilt nor shame. Brian is thankful that the Lord has called him to serve through his leadership role in Verse By Verse Ministry of San Antonio.

Brian serves as Board member and Treasurer for the ministry overseeing all ministry finances and accounting activities including distribution of all funds, reviewing teaching content and providing leadership in ministry strategy.


Jerry Dyke, Director

Jerry's faith in God began at a very early age as he was raised in a Christian family led by a father who was in full-time ministry. He remembers Bible stories, prayer meetings, family devotions, Christian music and church attendance as always being a part of his life. At a very early age, Jerry repented of his sins and trusted in Jesus for salvation as his parents led him in a prayer of repentance and faith in his home.

Jerry believes being committed to Jesus means serving Him with his whole life, in every area of his life, giving Him all of the honor and glory.  Jerry takes inspiration from Philippians 2:12-13, which says, “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”  Out of gratitude for what Jesus has done by dying on the cross in our place, Jerry endeavors to “work out" his salvation with fear and trembling, spending time studying the Bible, praying, having regular fellowship with other Christians, and spreading the good news of the Gospel whenever given the opportunity.

Jerry is the newest member of the Verse By Verse Ministry International Board and brings many years of evangelistic mission and corporate experience to our teaching ministry. Jerry lives and works in San Antonio with his wife. He has a grown son who is engaged in pastoral ministry.


Brian Michaels, Director

Brian Michaels has served in ministry for more than 27 years with rich history of church planting and pastoral training throughout the United States. Pastor Brian planted a church in Colorado where he currently serves as Pastor. Springs Lighthouse was planted in the city of Colorado Springs. September 16, 2012, was the Inaugural service for this new work.  Meeting at the theater of Discovery Canyon Campus (DCC), he brought the Thursday and Friday night studies together into an official church.  Hundreds arrived that first Sunday with an almost palpable excitement!  Springs Lighthouse continues to meet at DCC on North Gate Blvd in Northern Colorado Springs and grows in attendance each week. 

Marked by genuine love and grace, this body of Christ-followers exists to draw closer to God and to help bring the broken world around us to Jesus...For the glory of God and the good of others!   

As the Pastor of Lighthouse, Pastor Brian is not only a gifted teacher but is a gifted leader as well.  His teachings are strong in application and Biblical insight, but also are refreshingly humorous and entertaining. People all over the globe enjoy the teaching ministry of Pastor Brian and Springs Lighthouse through the website.  His integrity, strength of character, sincerity and heart for others make him an outstanding leader and shepherd of God’s people.  He knows he is a man saved by the grace of God through faith in His Savior, Jesus Christ and is as much in need of the truths in scripture as those he teaches. 

Pastor Brian and his wife, Jeanine, have been married for almost 35 years.  They have four beautiful children and a precious granddaughter.  Brian and Jeanine have served in ministry for 27 of those years, glorifying God with one voice.


Steve Ledbetter, Ph.D., Director

Steve Ledbetter brings more than 28 years of management consulting expertise to Verse By Verse Ministry International. He has a robust background in program management and executive leadership, working with clients from Fortune 100 companies; private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

With a deep understanding of how to cultivate strong, effective leaders, Steve helped develop a strategic plan and roadmap for Verse By Verse Ministry International to achieve its ministry goal of providing in-depth Bible teaching worldwide.  

Steve served in the United States Army before moving on to work in government operations in the state of Georgia.

After graduating with a Masters in public administration from Columbus University, Steve went on to earn his PhD in Leading Organizations with an emphasis in Servant Leadership from Regent University in Virginia.

Growing up as a pastor’s son, Steve has a deep love for God’s word and seeing Truth taught from both the pulpit, as well as in small groups and one-on-one. Steve is currently a Managing Partner at Korban Partners out of Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his wife Carolyn.


Greg Driver, Director

As a young man, I was involved with drugs, theft, and various other types of poor decisions. When I was 15 years old I found myself in the custody of the Juvenile authorities.  After being in and out of court on several occasions the Judge gave me an ultimatum. Either, I could straighten up or be shipped off to a Juvenile detention facility. After staying up all night, worried about my fate, I found myself trying to make a deal with the Lord.

I didn’t know it then, but God had a plan for my life. At the age of 18, I felt God’s call to ministry in my life. Along with that call came the decision to ask my girlfriend for her hand in marriage, as well as attain a college degree.  For most people, the decision to attend College is an easy decision, but for a young man who cheated his way through school, it was a major ordeal. While I was in College I began to preach and speak at every available opportunity.

After several years of lay preaching, God once again moved in my life. I was introduced to Verse by Verse preaching and teaching. My Spirit instantly connected with the Scriptures.  I found myself listening and studying every available verse by verse teaching I could get my hands on. I have a burning desire to see Gods word returned to the mainstream Christian Community.

I am currently the Pastor of Faith Bible Fellowship in Tullahoma, Tennessee, my wife Daffney and I own a Construction Company with over 100 employees and we have been married for 27 years.  We also have two wonderful children, Montana and Carolyna Driver.   


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